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Blogs For Couples Planning Their Weddings!

If you've landed here, then hopefully you're planning your upcoming wedding! And now you're looking to finalise those all-important groom and groomsmen's accessories!

At PickaPocket we specialise in wedding accessories, with a beautiful collection of Wedding Neckties, Cravats, and Bow Ties, all in the most popular wedding colours out there!

It's one of the biggest days of your life so we've put togehter a series of blogs to help you select the right attire for your groom, and don't worry these blogs will help you when shopping anywhere, not just on our site, the colour guides and top ten wedding colour guides are perfect to help you decide upon a colour theme for your wedding day!

Our award winning ties, pocket squares, ascot ties and cravats will set your day off to the right start, and rest assured once tied they will stay in place leaving you to enjoy your big day!

So shop with confidence and enjoy our handy guides to make sure you get the best out of your wedding atttire!