How To Make Your Wedding Accessories Affordable!

How To Make Your Wedding Accessories Affordable!

Are you planning your wedding ties and accessories?

We are here to help you make affordable choices that won't compromise on quality, but won't break the bank either!

Finally weddings are coming back to the UK! But after a year of lockdowns and tiered restrictions it isn't just the wedding sector that's been hit hard, we know your pocket has too!

We have put together a rather exquisite collection of wedding accessories to suit a budget, but what's even more special is you don't have to compromise on the quality! 

Let us explain how!

The 2020 UK Weddings Situation

If you've been trying to plan your wedding in 2020 we feel for you! It's been a tough time, you've probably had multiple cancellations, re-arranged the date so many times that you don't even remember when it is now, let alone your guests! Sadly you're also probably planning on less guests than you originally wanted.

Ok so lets try not to dwell on the bad bits, you're planning on getting married, and that's amazing, Congratulations!!!! We would love to be a big part of your day!

Planning Your Wedding Accessories!

Firstly if you haven't decided on the look and feel of your wedding, then check out our earlier article on "How To Plan A Your Wedding Accessories And Colour Theme" here:-

PickaPocket Planning A Colour Themed Wedding

PickaPocket Planning A Colour Themed Wedding (Click To Learn More)

It's a quick five minute read, but it provides lots of great tips for colour coordinating and matching your accessories perfectly across your party!

For this blog we assume you have a colour theme in mind and we will talk you through our options for the different members of your grooms party and how we can help with that all important budget!

What We Have Done To Help Out?

PickaPocket Wedding Accessories At A Budget in the UK

PickaPocket Wedding Accessories Builder (Click Image To Shop)

We have taken our best grade fabric and commissioned it in 15 of the most popular wedding scheme colours for 2020/21 weddings from burnt orange to sage green. We then produced bow ties, neckties cravats and pocket squares from each colour so you can do your very own style building exercise with our help!

So what does this mean for you?

Because we have heavily invested in the fabrics and produced the various articles we can offer packages to build your grooms party and even guests, at a hugely attractive price!

Yes we have been planning for the return of weddings for some time!

Because it's been such a difficult time for our customers we have also included all the accessories in this collection in our "every 3rd item 25% off deal"! And that includes mixing and matching any item (cheapest item benefits from 25% off). If you're planning on a grooms party of 10 or 15 people this represents a huge saving!

So lets look at how you can build the grooms party's outfits!

PickaPocket Colour Selector and Collection Finder

PickaPocket Colour Selector and Collection Finder

For this activity we suggest visiting our website on a desktop PC as it will make filtering the collections far easier and your experience will be far more enjoyable!

So let's take a quick break and load up the laptop!

Your Colour Themed Wedding

Let's assume you have selected a lilac colour theme, it's a really popular colour scheme and works particularly well for winter weddings!

From the menu, select "Ties - Wedding Ties" and then hit the lilac colour swatch on the left hand menu!

PickaPocket Lilac Colour Swatch Selected For Wedding Theme

PickaPocket Lilac Colour Theme Option Selected (Click To Shop)

You will see that the matching has been done for you, you can now shop from the selections knowing that the products you choose will match perfectly with each other!

Who should wear what?

The structure of your wedding accessories is completely up to you, we have had couples who really wanted the whole wedding party to wear neckties, and we have even had a wedding party who were holding a barn dance and only wanted everyone to wear white shirts, braces and a pocket square! That's the magic, you and your partner should discuss the vision you have and use us to execute it!

The structure is as unique as you and the guests that are attending the event, but most importantly it should be what you want, and a reflection of you!

Here are a few suggestions that seem to work well for inspiration!

Cravats / Ascot Ties

PickaPocket Cheap Cravat Ascot Tie Store UK

PickaPocket Cravats Suitable For Weddings (Click To Shop)

We are the number one cravat store in the UK, we have developed a range of rather special paisley pattern ascot ties to sit alongside our wedding collection to ensure you can build the look you desire for your grooms party.

If you are having a large wedding party, with several groomsmen we suggest you try reserving a cravat for the groom and his best man/men and father of the groom! This is a brilliant way to keep a consistent look throughout the party, but ensure it's obvious that the key members of the party.

Another great idea here is to select a fabric from our range that works with the brides dress. This way the father of the bride (or whoever is giving the bride away) also has a complimenting look but also a way of distinguishing between the families.

As with all our tips it's options we are giving you, you might want the brides father to match fully the grooms party, its completely your choice! don't worry about convention if convention isn't your thing!


PickaPocket Purple Paisley Wedding Tie Set

PickaPocket Neckties Suitable For Weddings (Click To Shop)

For smaller wedding parties it's a very traditional option to select either neckties or cravats (as above) for the grooms party! We have ensured both options are catered for in this collection. It really is a matter of preference here, and what suits the vision you have of your perfect day!

All the pieces in this collection have been designed with the wedding photography in mind! The raised paisley texture ensures the knots bind into place to ensure the look doesn't fade throughout the day!

If you are having a larger guest list then why not try this! You may have already selected cravats for your best man, groom and father, but now you might be thinking of how to match the remaining members of the team. That's exactly where this collection will help you! You can now work your way outwards, think like a chess board, the central pieces are sorted, it's now time to work on the knights and bishops!

Why not try standard ties for these members of the party, so you can now start to build up an image of how this will look on pictures. There will be an obvious distinction between the pivotal roles for the day, and now you have a look that brings the look together.

Bow Ties

PickaPocket Purple Paisley Wedding Bow Tie

PickaPocket Bow Ties Suitable For Weddings (Click To Shop)

Traditional we are not, well certainly not always! This is your wedding, along the planning process never lose sight of that, so if you like bow ties, then why not have bow ties! We have extended the wedding collection to include them because, well, bow ties are cool!

If you have a larger wedding party then there is a likelihood that there might be children involved too. Our bows are perfect for kids! Again think of the look you are trying to achieve, and if consistency is key to your plan then working down from ascot ties, to neckties then bow ties for the younger members of your family might be a great option!

Pocket Squares

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Purple Wedding Pocket Square

PickaPocket Pocket Squares Suitable For Weddings (Click To Shop)

We started to get more and more customers asking for just the pocket squares alone, and that's fine by us! But we wanted to know why? When we asked why, we thought the answer was a fantastic idea, so let's share with you!

The couples we asked wanted one of two things.

Some wanted to send a sample of the material to the florist to match the button holes and bouquets to, rather than try to explain the colour.

Others wanted to take the pocket square from the Grooms outfit for the photographer to take pictures around the venue with items such as the rings or brides shoes etc.!

The button holes and pocket squares matched perfectly for them and they made for fantastic memories of the day. So it's absolutely worth adding an extra pocket square to the cart for some creative photography or colour matching!

In Summary

Let's hope you can have the wedding of your dreams in the near future, with mass testing and a vaccine on the horizon rest assured we are planning in the background for you!

If you're planning your wedding we would love to hear from you, and if there are any elements we can help with please reach out to us at for access to our stylists.

Go back to our colour themed wedding ties!

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