How To Pick A Colour For Your Perfect Wedding! Our Top 10!

How To Pick A Colour For Your Perfect Wedding! Our Top 10!

Our Guide To The Top Wedding Colour Schemes Around!

Shhh, the secrets out, we have been collecting data for the last 10 years and here are the results!

It's such a difficult decision isn't it, what colour scheme do you go for one of the most special days of your life, your wedding! It can determine everything, from the invites to the bouquets and bridesmaids dresses, so it truly is a big deal.

But the good news is somehow via the power of the internet you have landed here, and we have 10 years of first-hand knowledge and search data at our fingertips to help you!

So how do we pick a colour for our wedding?

Let's get straight down to business, we aren't going to order them in a typical 1 to 10 because that's not how this works, it's not a case of going for one of the top three wedding colours, if it was this blog would be really short, in fact, I can tell you those now just in case you want to cut this short and go for one of the top three, which are mustard yellow, teal and burnt orange. Although these will feature in this blog, it doesn't mean they are particularly the right choice for you!

Instead let's look at our top ten in no particular order, and work out what each option means and says about your big day!

Sage Green!

Sage can represent wisdom, so it's a great choice for someone who wants to say something about family and deep values, green is also a very natural colour, so elements of being in touch with nature and growth.

We see sales of sage green at their highest around spring, symbolising hope and prosperity and growth. Our couples who send us photos from their big day often include a lot of Gypsophilia within their bouquets.

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Burgundy Wine Red!

A classic wedding colour that never seems to leave our top 10, red essentially represents passion and love, ideal for weddings! But the deep rich tone offers a classy and sophisticated feel.

If you're looking to compliment wine red then think roses and tulips with full-bodied colour for the fullest impact. When thinking about wedding photography, you simply can't go wrong with red!

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Orange has been so popular that we have split this section into two, Burnt Orange and Bright orange, as both attract a very different type of audience.


Bright Orange!

Filled with warmth and excitement bright orange is for the bold, combining the strength and energy of red with the cheerfulness of yellow, we can confirm that bright orange is our fourth hottest selling wedding colour.

Now just think of the amazing photography you will get from choosing orange for your ceremony! Simply stunning!

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Burnt Orange!

We're in the mood for an autumn wedding here, think warmth, and comfort. In the interests of fairness, some believe burnt orange symbolises selfishness and pride, but from our sales data, we can certainly say most people don't feel the same.

At number 3 in our top 10 selling wedding schemes burnt orange offers you a stunning impactful choice!

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Let's continue with another top seller, Lilac (Lavender and Purple). And this is in at number two of our best selling colours, and there's good reason for this. Symbolising the first blooms of spring and renewal regeneration and hope, purple is a microcosm of everything a wedding should stand for.

One of the biggest reasons Lilac works so well is because it works so well with so many floral bouquets!

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Another classic wedding colour that has never left our top ten in sales. Representing calm and clarity of thought, everything you need standing at the alter waiting for the love of your life to walk in!

Tibetan Monks explore the thought that teal represents the infinity of the sea and sky, what a great parallel to draw with a wedding!

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It wouldn't be a wedding colours blog if we didn't feature pink, and we have a stunning bright pink featured here too! Now we are going against tradition, pink isn't just for girls! No way! It's time to break that stigma completely.

We think that pink is one of the strongest colours out there, and to us, it symbolises love for yourself and for others around you!

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Bright Red!

Ok so it's the language of love, and it's said that you can't go wrong with red at a wedding, and we tend to agree! Symbolising health, love, strength, vigour and courage it's everything most people envisage when imagining your perfect partner.

We love the punchy nature of the red, and it's also the first colour that the eyes are drawn to, so what a great opportunity to reinforce the fact that all eyes are on you!

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Every blog needs a wild card, and this one is ours! It hangs around just outside our top ten colours but we have added it to our editors top ten because we think silver offers something unique and different, and we think it might be a hot choice for 2021/2.

Silver represents the mirror to the soul, and this is why we tip it as a hot choice for the upcoming wedding season. Representing unconditional love and giving, we truly believe silver is going to be hot!

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Ok, we've put all the choices forward, lets reveal the hottest selling 2021/2 colour, yes it's mustard yellow!



It's a simply stunning choice for so many reasons, but photography has to be the main one! Yellow looks absolutely stunning on photography, and the deeper mustard tone is rich and luxurious, it also suits most skin tones and suits colours, making it a go-to choice!


The bible often refers to mustard yellow as a symbol of faith, further reinforcing the choice! In short, you won't go wrong with mustard yellow!

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In Summary!

So there they are our editors top ten wedding colours for 2021/2. We know if you've been planning a wedding this year, or are looking to get married next year there will be anxieties and uncertainties surrounding bookings and Covid 19 rules. But we wish you every success in your married life together and remember this over everything, your love for one another is stronger than anything.


We wish you well! 


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