Planning Your Wedding Accessories, A Grooms Colour Guide!

Planning Your Wedding Accessories, A Grooms Colour Guide!

Our guide on how to match your wedding cravats & ties to your colour scheme!

Where do we start with a guide to planning your wedding accessories? It's a huge huge day, so it's important to think this through, and a good start is thinking about your colour scheme and photography!

So are you sitting comfortably? Then let's begin!

Grooms, let's overthink our wedding accessories!

There's no point me telling you not to worry or not to overthink this, as wedding accessories are enough to get even the most natty gent in a spin! So let's work through this logically!

The Wedding Colour Scheme 

The first big hurdle for you and your partner, is establishing the 'base' colour scheme. Don't panic! You definitely won't be limited by your choice, as there are plenty of amazing accessories out there to make it work!

What's the best colour to wear for a wedding? The best colour that suits you as a couple! 

You may already have some great ideas for a 'base' theme, so let's explore how those accessories are going to have you saying 'I do' in style!

The Accessories Wedding Colour Wheel!

We have put together a colour wheel, featuring some of the greatest wedding themes out there right now!

Once you have selected a 'base' colour, choosing the bridesmaids outfits may be your first job. After reading this blog, you are going to have the ability to choose the very best, show stopping accessories to compliment those all important dresses.

PickaPocket Men's Accessories The Colour Wheel

So how does it work? Lets select dusky pink as your base; this will be the central colour theme and is also one of our hottest colours for a summer wedding this season!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Guide Dusky Pink

Now take one colour either side of dusky pink; these are matching colours, they are a 'safe' option for your main and most important accessories. i.e. the ties, cravats and pocket squares. 

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Wedding Colour Palette

 Next, take the outer two colours from the selection, these are going to be the standout elements of your look; use sparingly to your advantage!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Complimenting Colours

So there we have our safe colour palette. Use the outer colours wisely and sparingly, and the inner colours to build the look.

PickaPocket men's accessories colour wheel selector

For your wedding accessories, we would recommend (as a rule of thumb) having one standout feature colour. See how the purple from the outer colour selection has been used as a feature flower in the button hole below. This helps to pull the whole look together.

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Colour Schemes

What if I really want to stand out?

Well if you really want to be brave then here's how to do it! Take the colour (or one of the colours) opposite your 'base' colour and then choose one accessory for your outfit and try it in that colour. This will become your feature piece! 

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Colour Wheel Standout Accessories

Remember, if you do want to be brave try selecting a more plain solid colour necktie from your "safe" selection rather than a heavily patterned one. Next, compliment it with a really striking pocket square! You don't want to create a "visual mess" by overdoing every element of the attire as the statement you are trying to make can easily be lost

PikcaPocket Men's Accessories Plum Pocket Square

Narrowing the base colour scheme pallet to 2 colours, then adding a striking contrast from the opposite side of the colour wheel can work really well!

In the example below, we chose a really narrow base pallet by choosing a single colour navy blue suit, with a crisp white shirt.

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Bright Orange Tie on Navy Suit

We then chose a bright orange tie set from the opposite side of the colour wheel and used this as our standout accessory.

Our advice here would be if you are going to use a contrasting colour, rather than a safer selection then reduce the base colours to two or three using the standout accessory as a statement piece!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Colour Scheme Selector

What about photography?

As you are choosing your wedding accessories you are possibly also looking at options for your wedding photographer! Exciting times indeed!

Our advice would be to discuss colour and environment with your photographer! They are likely to have ideas on how to get you the most creative shots on your day! Again taking our pink floral tie and button hole, look  at how the driftwood from the beech theme has been incorporated to make the perfect backdrop for the photos! It's small details like this that live forever in your pictures.

Our Pro Tips

Why not let your wedding photographer take a set of your accessories for half an hour to take pictures of them around your wedding venue; you will be surprised by the results when you come to look at your pictures. A wedding is as much about the surroundings as everyone there on the day!

How about asking your photographer to post edit some of the photos. If you are wearing something particularly colourful then a black and white shot with the accessories bought back to true colour in Photoshop can look fab!  

Binding Neckties

There's going to be drinks and dancing galore, but that doesn't mean your tie set has to slip during the day. 

We have put together a collection of popular 'base' colour tie and bow tie sets for weddings; all have a textured surface to bind them into place!

If you want to shop our collection of wedding accessories click here!

In Summary

So now you are armed with the knowledge, it's time for you to select some accessories that you would like to wear on your big day!  Most importantly, you now know that they will look amazing!  

Remember colour is your friend! Once you understand the basics of selection and how to use 'base' colours and feature colours to your advantage, you can go out there and own the day!

Selecting a few colours close together in the colour wheel will create a safe base colour scheme, then adding a splash of colour from the opposite (or close to opposite) of the wheel will create an impact piece! 

Think about the composition of your day, the surroundings of your venue, and what you want the photographer to capture from your day! 

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Colour Wedding

Take a look at this picture from one of our customers; he really knows how to use colour to his advantage. Imagine getting photos like this on your big day!

Good luck with styling your big day, and remember you can email us anytime at for access to our stylists.



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This is an amazing read, if only I were getting married! Such a fun, fab photo too and love the advice part from cufflinks to bow ties! Love it.

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