How To Tie A Bow Tie Our Step By Step Guide!

How To Tie A Bow Tie, Mastering The Perfect Knot, Step By Step Guide!

Mastering how to tie a bow tie isn't as tricky as it might first seem, but we have a few tips to make the transition moving from a traditional necktie to a bow tie just a little bit easier for you! So with a little bit of time and practice, you can master the bow tie-wearing trend too!

First things first, we need to choose a style of bowtie! There's not much difference when it comes to learning how to tie a pointed bow tie over a standard bow, but you need to be armed with the knowledge in order to choose you style!

Ok let's cut straight to the chase, we know you haven't got all day to hang around here, at PickaPocket we sell three main types of bow tie, each has its own advantages to you, so let's start with the two main differences.

You can either go for a pre-tied or a self-tie bow tie.

Pre-Tied Bow Ties

How to use a pre tied bow tie / pre tied bow ties how to adjust all you need to know!

PickaPocket Men How To Choose A Bow Tie

How to tighten a pre tied bow tie!

Our pre-tied bow ties come ready to wear, all you need to do is adjust the adjustable strap to your neck size (collar size displayed on band typically 13" to 19") and use the clip located on the back of the bow to hold the  look in place, easy right?

Slide the plastic catch along the longest edge of the bow tie until the size chart matches your own collar size, from experience we recommend adjusting the bow to 1/4 inch above your neck size for comfort.

PickaPocket Men How To Choose A Bow Tie

The majority of our customers like the ease of pre-tied bow ties, they are ready to go straight out the packet, and the look holds in place all day!

Self-Tie Bow Ties

Our Self-Tie bow ties are exactly that, much like a traditional necktie they need to be tied into shape, but the advantage is to get it right and people in the know will know!

Don't be too worried about the perfect knot, our guide will help you with that, and once you've practiced a few times you will be just fine!

Trust us, if your look is slightly asymmetric people aren't going to hold it against you, they will be far more impressed you went for a self-tied bow tie, and that's a great ice breaker too!

Our step by step walkthrough guide will teach you how to tie a bow tie, remember it doesn't have to be perfect to look amazing, as our in house stylist put it, each side should be sisters, not twins!

How To Tie A Bow Tie Step By Step!

Step by step bow tie instructions!

Stage 1 - Hang the bow tie around the neck.

How to tie a bow tie stage 1

Firstly hang the bow tie around the neck, be sure to spend a little bit of time ensuring that it sits nice and flat around the collar line, with no twists or kinks. Spending just a little time here will give you a crisp look. Ensure to leave one side slightly longer as the image shows.

Stage 2 - Cross the long end over the short side.

How to tie a bow tie stage 2
Now pass the longer end over the top of the short to start to create a loop and pull the shorter end across the chest too as above.
Stage 3 - Create a loop.
How to tie a bow tie stage 3
Take some time on this next step, we are going to pass the longer side underneath the newly formed loop. At the same time try to keep the form as close to the above as possible.
Stage 4 - Creating a Z fold.
How to tie a bow tie stage 4
We're now going to create a Z fold on the shorter side folding it halfway back on its self.
Stage 5 - Create a fold back.
How to tie a bow tie stage 5
Holding the Z fold in place drop the longer side from stage 3 over the top of the fold back edge. This can be tricky the key here is to hold the folded side close to your chest to pin it in place.
Stage 6 - The Fold back switchover.
How to tie a bow tie stage 6
Now switch hands pinning the return Z fold to your chest still and using the other hand start to fold the hanging side back on its self as above!
Stage 7 - The loop around.
How to tie a bow tie stage 7
Continue to bring the looped side up to the back of the bow tie so it starts to look
more like a Z fold its self, this may be tricky so it's worth practicing a few times! You need to pass the back through the loop on the backside of the bow tie.
Stage 8 - Z return loop.
How to tie a bow tie stage 8
Now we're going to pull the back edge Z return through the loop, the key here is to use your index finger and middle finger, and thumb to pull the loop through while securing the front edge with the ring and little fingers! It's a bit of a tricky manoeuvre, but after a few tries, it becomes second nature!
Stage 9 - Completing the tie.
How to tie a bow tie stage 9

Now as the bow comes together you can pull either side to balance the lookup, before gently pulling both sides outwards to complete the bow!

Hopefully, at this point, you have an assembly that looks like the perfectly tied bow tie and a smile on your face, but if not don't worry you can simply untie the bow and start again, you will find it much easier and quicker second time around.

What a dapper bow tie you have!

How To Choose The Right Bow Tie!

With self-tied bow ties you still have plenty of choice in style, the main two designs we stock are the Butterfly Bow Tie and The Diamond Point Buttery Bow.

The Butterfly Bow-Tie

PickaPocket Men How To Choose A Bow Tie

Diamond Point Butterfly Bow Tie

PickaPocket Men How To Choose A Bow Tie

The main difference between the two is the pointed outer edge, the classic butterfly gives a blunt stop, whereas the pointed end gives a sharp edgy look.

The choice is up to you, but it's a bit like selecting the right glasses, not all styles suit all people, face shape and the style you are trying to achieve dictates a lot.

Once tied the bow tie the aim is to have the finished bow the same width as your face, or just slightly narrower.

Choosing The Right Bow Tie

There are so many patterns out there it can be so hard to find the perfect style, but as with anything the more you get into the swing of wearing and buying bow ties you will find your unique edge.

Our outline advice for those of you just venturing into the world of bows would be.

Always wear YOU, it's important you feel comfortable, it's likely you will be wearing your bow at an event, where you might feel a little uncomfortable. So if that's you look for a strong design, but perhaps a more understated colour for your first outing might help you.

If on the other hand, you are the life and soul of the party, go big! Choose a stand-out bold design, you won't regret it!

The key, as with any accessory is it's a microcosm of you!

Avoid matching too closely to your outfit, your bow tie is a unique opportunity to wear an attention-grabbing statement piece. You don't want that to pale and fade into the realms of boring.

Whatever you go for remember this, bow ties are cool, the more you wear them the more you will get used to the look and feel! So go for it, stand out in a good way!

When you get a bow tie right!

Take a look at one of our previous customers on his wedding day! I think you will agree, this is getting it right! Well done sir!

PickaPocket Men How To Choose A Bow Tie

If you want to ask us more about our range of bow ties, or even what we think would work for your upcoming wedding or event, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Thank you PickaPocket Team!

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