How To Tie A Cravat Our Step By Step Guide!

Our Guide All About Cravat Ties & Ascot Ties And Learn How To Tie A Cravat!

Do you want to try cravats and ascot ties, but you are struggling with where to start?

Then here's your buyers handy guide to help you! Watch and learn how to tie your new cravat scarf here today!

Wearing a cravat tie or ascot ties can be a bit daunting at first, but there's really nothing to worry about, we have put together this guide to make sure you rock the look with, Our Guide On How To Tie A Cravat Or Ascot Tie!

We are confident once you master the cravat it will be a go to choice!

What is a cravat?

The main difference between tie and cravat ties is the overall width you can achieve, a tie traditionally widens out and then returns to a point, a cravat keeps a fairly uniform width and can look more like a neck scarf once in place.

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A cravat is a traditional form of neckwear originating from the military unit of the 17th century known as the Croats.

However in modern times the Ascot Tie and Cravat have become the favourite for weddings and grooms parties alike.

We have evolved the traditional style into something quite beautiful with tailored designs suitable for both formal and informal use, depending on the knot used to tie the scarf in place.

Let us explain how you can get the perfect look from your new cravat.

How to make an ascot!

We use templates to transfer the shape onto a flat piece of material apx 300mm wide and 1.5m long, the sides are then folded in to the center and stitched using overlock seams along the inside edge.

We then take the center neck area and cut it down, again by hand using templates to create pleat folds that sit comfortably around the neck, making our neck cravat is a process we have developed over time to give you, the customer the best quality around.

Which type of cravat knot should I go for?

Firstly it's important to understand what the final outcome you desire we have two popular types of look that can be achieved with our cravats. You might be thinking what is a cravat tie, how to wear a cravat and how to tie it? Then the next sections are gold for you!

The Pre Tied Scrunch Cravat

PickaPocket The Scrunch Style Cravat

A Formal Scrunch Style Cravat (Click To Shop)

The scrunch style cravat knot is more common for weddings given the slightly more formal style adding that stylish touch. More recently the addition of a neck ring just below the knot has become very popular too.

You might also want to add a cravat tie pin or cravat tie ring to the look as our above image, we have these coming soon to store!

How to tie a Victorian cravat!

PickaPocket A Guide to traditional cravats

Under Shirt Less Formal Traditional Cravat (Click To Shop)

Learning how to tie a Victorian cravat, is simple and effective.

The traditional method of tying a cravat is to wear it more like a neck scarf or a neck cravat, we love this take on wearing a cravat as it looks slightly less formal, but still very stylish indeed!

How To Tie A Cravat (Our Quick Tie Guides)

If you are reasonably sure on how to tie your cravat and just want a quick reference point then our quick tie guide will be perfect for you, if you are new to wearing cravats and need a little more guidance, then skip this section and move onto the more detailed steps.


How To Tie A Scrunch Cravat Quick Start Guide

How To Tie A Scrunch Cravat (Quick Tie Guide)

How to tie a traditional cravat

How To Tie A Traditional Cravat (Quick Tie Guide)

If you are a seasoned cravat wearer and that's all you needed then we will leave you alone to enjoy the world of ascot ties out there, but if you are new to this then continue reading for a more detailed step by step support guide.

How To Tie A Scrunch Cravat (Formal Cravat)

PickaPocket How to tie a cravat stage one!

Tying A Scrunch Cravat (Stage 1)

Firstly place the cravat around your neck, then cross the longer end over the shorter end, ensuring to lay the narrower mid section comfortably around the contour of the collar, with no twists or folds.
PickaPocket Guide On How to tie a cravat stage 2

Tying A Scrunch Cravat (Stage 2)

Now tuck the longer end back under the the short end, again ensuring there are no twists or folds in the fabric, you can keep the assembly fairly loose at this time, but ensure it takes shape as the image above.

PickaPocket How To Tie An Ascot Tie Scrunch Style Part 3

Tying A Scrunch Cravat (Stage 3)


Now bring the long end back over the top of the assembly, again ensuring that the fabric isn't folded and you don't have any twists in the knot, look at the image above and spend some time adjusting to ensure it looks like the image at this point.

PickaPocket How To Tie A Scrunch Cravat Stage 4

Tying A Scrunch Cravat (Stage 4)

Once you are happy that the tie looks like Stage 3, you are now ready to form the knot.
You will now take the longer end once again and bring it through the neck loop, then trough the loop that we just made in stage 3.
PickaPocket Guide On How To Tie A Scrunch Cravat Stage 5
Tying A Scrunch Cravat (Stage 5)

Now take the short end of the cravat and hold it in place to the chest, you can now gently pull the newly formed knot up to the collar, and hopefully you have something close to the image above?


How To Tie A Traditional Cravat (Relaxed Style)

PickaPocket How to tie a cravat stage one!
Tying A Traditional Cravat (Stage 1)
Follow stage one from the scrunch cravat instructions!
PickaPocket Guide On How to tie a cravat stage 2
Tying A Traditional Cravat (Stage 2) Here you can use the same method as stage two for the scrunch cravat style. PickaPocket How To Tie An Ascot Tie Scrunch Style Part 3 Tying A Traditional Cravat (Stage 3)  

Follow stage three from the scrunch cravat instructions above!
PickaPocket Tying A Traditional Cravat Our Guide
Tying A Traditional Cravat (Stage 4)

Once you are happy that the assembly looks like stage 3 it's time to bring the long end through the neck loop and over the top of the loop you created in stage 3.
PickaPocket How To Tie A Traditional Cravat or Ascot Tie
Tying A Traditional Cravat (Stage 5)

Now by holding the short end of the cravat you can gently pull the top knot up to the collar, and hopefully your finished cravat will look something like this?
For an open collar cravat you can repeat these steps, but with the collar open and tying the knot under the shirt.


We hope that you enjoyed our guide to everything ascot tie and cravat related, from formal to relaxed cravats, and we hope you are ready to try wearing this alternative to neckties for yourself! If you want to find out more then you can reach out to our team of stylist at Thank you for reading!

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