What's with the new logo at PickaPocket now PICKA?

Introducing our new streamlined PICKA logo here at PickaPocket!

Don't worry, it's still the same people, it's still the same dedicated service, but we did want to modernise the brand look a little. We wanted to keep it simple and catchy.

PickaPocket was originally the story of how our brand came about, when our founder (Anthony Dibble) started the business it was from a small one bedroomed flat, it soon became apparent storage and space was an issue.

So a rule was made, anything Fagin could steal, was small enough to store easily and so PickaPocket was born.

Over time that has changed, we now have dedicated warehouses and stock sorting procedures in line with modern ecommerce brands.

However elements of the business still remain, we will always keep the business agile in order to offer you the latest trends and most sought after products, and now we have diversified into sunglasses and broader accessories we wanted that to be reflected in the branding!