You might have found us on Pinterest Recently?

So What's Pinterest? And how do you find PickaPocket on there?

Pinterest is our latest channel, and it's truly amazing how it works! We recently started looking more closely at the channel because it partnered with our stores provided (Shopify) and we wanted to get found by more people, just like you!

So how does Pinterest work?

Pinterest is like a search engine, you can search for us on there today, in fact its huge, it takes photos, posts and products and creates it's own optimised version of them, called Pins.

The more it learns about your likes and interests it builds a profile to provide you with closely relating pins of interest, and of course you are going to love ours!

We strongly suggest this if you are looking to build a wedding around our ties or cravants, simply add ours to your favourites and see matching items Pinterest recommends based on your collections!

It's great fun, and you can find some real treats, enjoy!

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