How do I find the right sunglasses for me?

How do I find the right sunglasses for me?

Finding the right sunglasses can be harder than you think!

But luckily we are here to guide you through the process!

First things first,,, well obviously!! We need to know what types of sunglasses there are out there, and how they might suit your needs.

So let's start with our favourites!

Wayfarers / Travellers

Absolutely distinctive Wayfarer Sunglasses Design

Distinctive Wayfarer Sunglasses Design

Wayfarer, interestingly means "someone who travels by foot", and Wayfarer sunglasses are by far the most distinctive and popular frames on the market today!

Why are they so popular? This is because they sit quite high on the face regardless of face shape making them a comfortable fit regardless of your genetic face shape.

If you don't wear sunglasses regularly, or are looking to buy simply to protect your eyes, not to achieve a certain look, then we recommend Wayfarers as our solid editors choice!

So what if you've tried Wayfarers, and now want a new style?


PickaPocket Classic Aviator Sunglasses Design

Classic Aviator Style Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses, or Pilot sunglasses as they are also commonly known, were developed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb for that exact reason! They were developed to protect pilots eyes from the sun during low level flights enhancing their vision.

For this very reason the shape makes them all round protectors of the eyes, and have become a firm favourite standing the test of time.

Aviators are the perfect allround sunglasses as they suit most face shapes, especially people with oval faces, and let's face it they are just so cool!

The only real downside to Pilot sunglasses is that if you don't have high cheekbones then some people find that they sit a bit low on the face, so it's a matter of comfort and trial and error.

If you've tried aviators and loved them, but found that the bridge is easily broken then why not look at our memory alloy TR90 frames.

Aviator sunglasses are a staple choice, and you won't find many regular sunglasses wearers without a pair in their collection.

So let's take a look at a style that's making a comeback in a big way!

Round Sunglasses

PickaPocket |Round Sunglasses Are Making A comeback

Iconic is the name of the game here, round sunglasses

Round sunglasses or "teashades" were definitely a popular choice for the icons of the 60's and 70's, think Hohn Lennon, Elton John and even Ozzy Osbourne here, but more recently round shades are making a comeback in a huge way!

They do say what comes round, goes round,, don't they??

If you like the sound of joining a retro revival then be sure to check out our modern twist on these classics! 

Round sunglasses tend to suit those with a more square or oval face, but don't tend to suit those with a round face shape.

Round sunglasses will certainly give you a unique edge, and we certainly wouldn't rule out owning a pair to give versatility to your accessories!

So, if you're not round then you're square!

Square Sunglasses

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Square Framed Sunglasses

Square Framed Or Rectangular Sunglasses 

Square or rectangular sunglasses really suit those with a heart shaped face or a high brow line, or a longer face.

If you have tried Wayfarers and you really like the way they sit, then rectangular frames are also a good choice for you as they sit on the face in a similar way. Remember there are many different aspect ratios (height to width ratio) from highly oblong slim, to pretty much square, each will sit differently on the face depending on the proportions. This is why most novice sunglasses wearers opt for Wayfarers as they seem to offer the "golden rectangle" of all face shapes.

Square frames can certainly give you a sophisticated look, and frames approaching a 1:1 ratio (square rather than rectanglar) can give a really stylish funky look!

Wrap Arounds

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Wrap Around Shield Sunglasses

Wrap Around and Shield Style Sunglasses

Wrap around and shield sunglasses offer a more peripheral coverage of the face, instead of two independent lenses they often incorporate a single lens with no break at the bridge of the nose, this offers you even more protection from the suns rays by offering a large field of view.

They can be great for driving and flying etc., but remember sunglasses in low lights can reduce your vision so ensure you check your legal driving requirements in terms of vision are sill met, using the wrong sunglasses in the wrong environment can be just as dangerous as not wearing them at all.

 Sports Sunglasses

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Sports Sunglasses

Sports Frame Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are often light, flexible and minimalist in terms of the frame, but feature large sleek lenses. Sports glasses are often heavily reflective or even sprayed with a gradient coating, yes this makes them stylish, but that's not the only reason!

When selecting the right sunglasses for your sport it's really important to think about your activity and what's involved, i.e, will you be wearing a helmet, is weight important, comfort over long periods of time, flexibility, will your sport be conducted mainly at day, night etc.

The Science Bit..

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Lens Colours Sports Glasses

Different Lens Colours and Why They Matter!

  • Grey - Perfect for water sports and use when near water, i.e fishing
  • Blue - Enhance light, so perfect for use in foggy or misty weather
  • Red - Can enhance depth of field and are perfect for bike riding etc
  • Amber / Brown - help to reduce glare so perfect for winter sun driving
  • Yellow - Aid you in low light, improving the visibility of objects

    So as well as looking cool, the right lens colour in the right condition can really make a big difference to your performance.

    How Important are the lenses on sunglasses?

    This is the question that really matters! The really important reason for buying sunglasses, apart from looking good of course, is to protect our eyes, and the designer frames don't do that bit, the lenses do!

    So how are our lenses constructed?

    PickaPocket Sunglasses Multi layer coating UV400 and polarization


    UV400 and Polarizing Surface Protection

    You can be sure when you select our sunglasses where we state both UV400 and Polarized lenses you are making the right choice for your eyes!

    What does the polarization do?

    PickaPocket Men's Accessories Why Polarized Lenses Matter

    Normal sunglasses (left) Vs Polarized Lenses (right)

    You can see that polarized lenses aren't necessarily safer for your eyes, but in situations where glare can become a safety issue they prevent certain refractions of light coming through the lens, this sharpens the vision of the user, it's all about clarity in situations where clarity matters to you.

    UV400 Protection

    PickaPocket Men's Sunglasses UV400 Protection

    Look for UV400 Protection

    What really will save your eyes is the UV400 protective layer! This is what prevents the harmful UV and UVB from harming your eyes.

    So whatever sunglasses you buy, whether they are from us or not, please please do buy UV400 protective lenses as this is the best level of protection you can get for your eyes via standard sunglasses.

    Let's wrap this up!

    We have covered the main styles of sunglasses out there on the market, but there are also hybrid designs and crossovers of many of the styles, and new designs released every day.

    So keep your eyes on the trends and styles entering the fashion marketplace, but always remember the really cool choice is UV400 protection!

    We hope you enjoyed our article on everything sunglasses related, and we hope you are jus that bit more confident in chosing your next pair, armed with the knowledge of this post. But if you still have a few questions not covered here we would love to hear from you, don't hestitate to reach out to our stlyists at

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