Introducing Our New Partnership With Triesti UK Trainers

Triesti UK Official Partners In Trainers

We are so excited to introduce our new range of trainers, we looked long and hard for a new and interesting brand that matched our customers style.

And now we have found a partner that truly works for us!

Neat, stylish and comfortable trainers that will work with the stylish look you are trying to create!


The name has old roots dating back hundreds of years to merchant times in old Europe. The merchant family transported quality merchandise from port to port and earned the nickname ‘Triesti’ from the locals of various parts of the Mediterranean due to the fact that they were associated with the famous port of Trieste in the northern region of Italy. The family has been active in trade in the beginning days of the United States were they transported goods from Europe to the old Wild West and their presence has also been felt in various parts of the world. One notable characteristic that the family has passed on from one generation to the next is to meticulously examine, scrutinize and evaluate the products which will be presented on the market, therefore offering the best there is to their customers. Each product takes painstaking time and effort before it is launched but the satisfaction of bringing style together with quality is well worth it.

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The Brand

Triesti NYC combines artistry with engineering, producing imaginative designs alongside functionality. The interpretation of the brand is defined as continuously creating and adapting, striving to strike equilibrium of comfort with elegance. The iteration of an idea molded to its surroundings as manifested by the icon of the winged lion, a symbol of combination of the beginning and fulfillment. Dedication goes into each product to uphold the highest quality fitting to a contemporary lifestyle fueled with constant innovation. Passion, perseverance and commitment are at the epicenter of everything the label stands for.