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Is Men’s Grooming The Latest Fashion Trend?

Our latest guest blog from the Connor Rogers - The Man Made Beard Company

Keep reading to find out why this has become the norm to modern day fashion.

Over the past 10 years, male grooming has exploded by over 300%!
Each year, there are two main high points for men’s hair & skincare, yes you guessed it Father’s Day & Christmas. Our friend’s & family are buying these as a “Safe Present” from my personal opinion.

With these gifts being a big spike in sales and of course big named celebrities using and promoting these products also have help the males grooming industry boom. Currently in the UK Men’s Grooming & Cosmetic industry is valued at an estimate of £77.2Million!

Now let’s talk beards, on the rise also coming back in the spotlight.
Many highly rated celebs alike Tom Hardy, Jason Mamoa and even great sports stars like Oliver Giroud.

Yes these guys also spend loads of money on beard care, want to know the types of products they use then check out the Man Made Beard Comapny!

Being handcrafted in the UK with top quality ingredients such as Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and YES even COCOA BUTTER (hmmm dreamy!)

Now it doesn’t take a genius to realise that self-care is important, from male grooming products to the freshest of drops of merch! (Sunglasses, Watches and Top-Class Trainers)

In fact PickaPocket have all you need to freshen your wardrobe, and if you want to add the icing on the cake with your beard care routine then you know where to find us!

Moving back onto beards, in order to keep your beard in tip-top condition I recommend the 3 P’s

  • Patience
  • Persistence (Routine)
  • Product’s

    First, there isn’t no special formula to growing a beard Quick!

    Ales your looking into having a hair transplant, this should be your very last option. Growing a beard can vary from one man to the next.
    Some it takes months, some also it takes years. You need to remain patient in order to reach your full potential!

    Did you know that beards are proof of patience?

    I Know, its true!

    So, Persistence, just because now you have this hair on your face it doesn’t qualify as a beard until you involve a proper routine.

    Just like showering, you use shower gel and shampoo to keep you clean and feeling fresh. You also need to wash and hydrate your beard. If your new to beard care, you’ve probably been doing it all wrong!

    DO NOT USE HEAD HAIR SHAMPOO ON YOUR BEARD – this is a big mistake as normal (supermarket) shampoo is filled with many sulphates, parabens and other bad chemicals (when I say bad, I mean Bad for you beard) obviously natural is always best. The reason you don’t use head shampoo or shower gel on your beard as mentioned above. The chemicals Strip your hair follicles of all the natural oils, that’s why once your hair dry’s your beard turns stiff, dry and has a straw like feeling to it. Not to mention tap water contains chlorine which is also another chemical within our sewer supply.

    I highly recommend natural products ALWAYS! – Connor Rogers (Founder Man Made Beard Company)

    Now You’ve had a freshen up, we may as well move onto replacing the oils lost and how to deliver a confident beard.

    Beard care products are a main essential to progressing your beard to the next level. Beard Oil is specially designed to target the skin beneath and hydrate your hair follicles from the stem up. Having a nourished beard doesn’t just look & feel good, it’s part of the process reaching the top of your beard game. If you have a short beard, then you’d only need beard oil. If you’re already at a length where you need to hold it down and give it volume, shape and make it really stand out then Beard Balm is a must. Combined with the Beard Oil, you’d definitely feel the difference and 100% see the difference.

    Clean, Fresh and Neat. These are some of the compliments you’d end up receiving on a daily basis, trust me it never gets old being complimented on your prized possession!

    Now if you are in the market for beard care product or would like to know more then please check out Man Made Beard Company Ltd

    I want to thank PickaPocket for the opportunity to write this blog!

    Thank you for reading.

    Connor Rogers

    Owner & Founder Man Made Beard Company Ltd


    End Credit

    PickaPocket would like to thank Connor and the Man Made Beard Company Ltd for this amazing insight into the world of grooming, don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more!