Accessories Guide To Finding The Right Hat Or Cap!

Accessories Guide To Finding The Right Hat Or Cap!

Our Guide To Finding The Right Cap Or Hat To Suit You!

Wearing a cap is a bit of a dark art, it's true! A hat is one accessory that isn't easy for everyone, but you won't know if you don't give it a try!

Hats and caps are an age old accessory but not everyone wears them, so we are here to try to lay a few of your concerns to rest!

So lets start with the essentials.

Whats the difference between a hat and a cap?

A hat has a brim that spans the full perimeter of the head, whereas a cap only has a small "visor" style section, this is typically worn directly above the forehead or brow. When it comes to accessories we love rule breakers, and we will explore that later in this blog!

Over time the distinction between hats and caps has been lost and often caps are referred to as hats and vice versa, this is typical with designs that border on a hybrid, such as the beret or news boy caps.

We aren't here to be the fashion police so let's move swiftly on!

One of the first pictorial depictions of a hat appears in a tomb painting from Thebes, Egypt, which shows a man wearing a conical straw hat, dated to around 3200 BC. Caps date back to 1570's as a working man's accessory, and took a massive resurgence in the 1990's with the evolution of the pop and rap culture.

Why wear a hat / cap?

The wearing of hats and caps was born out of necessity, the need to cover the head for warmth, it's as simple as that! Nowadays caps and hats have evolved into some of the most creative accessories out there. So if you want to make an impact this might just be the perfect opportunity!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Designer Hats

What should I look for when buying a hat/cap?

Traditionally caps and hats are made from materials such as tweed (wool) or cotton, but nowadays there are a variety of materials being used in the construction of hats, and here at PickaPocket we are all for that!

As a fashion brand we love the idea of constantly evolving materials that are better for the environment to make the fashion world a more sustainable industry.

If you don't have a particular preference for material type, you should still look for a hat that has been well constructed and the best place to see this is inside, specifically at the rim.

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Cap Lining

A fully sewn lining that doesn't have lose material present will prevent discomfort when wearing. The lining should cover the whole perimeter of the head wear. The lining material used should be breathable to prevent the head sweating which would cause itching and irritation to the user.

The best advice (as with all accessories purchased to a budget) is did you feel like you got a good deal for the money you paid? Does the garment feel like good quality, is the weight and material thickness as expected? Does the stitching look tight so it will pass the test of time? These are the questions we ask in house when selecting accessories to sell.

Caps and hats typically range from £5-50 for non designer highstreet products, and designer ones for much much more. So it's natural there will be a variance in quality.

What type of cap would suit me?

Caps follow trends, and now is undoubtedly the time of the Newsboy cap and beret, thanks to the ever popular Peaky Blinders look, so this seems like a good place to start!

There's a real love for rough look tweed out there at the moment, so here's our thoughts on how to perfect the peaky blinders look!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Peaky Blinders Caps

Some of our customers find it much easier to find the perfect hat for them, their style naturally suits hat wearing, and they can instantly own the look! You will know yourself if this is you or not?

If you fall into the latter category, all is not lost, don't give up straight away, we have some valuable tips for you to try! And you never know we might get you looking like this natty customer and friend of the store!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Peaky Blinders Hats

Did you know it's actually the law, you have to wear a cap?

Well okay maybe not since 1570 when the British Government made it so to support the wool industry. Every man had to wear a cap on a Sunday, except noble gentlemen, who could still wear top hats, but never the less never trying a cap should be a crime against fashion in our opinion!

Here is a list of things to try before making that statement "I don't suit hats".

Here's our checklist!

  • Decide on the reason "why" you want to wear a hat, is it necessity, i.e cold head, or is it for fashion?
  • Traditional materials may offer better insulation than more modern synthetics, but if you are after style remain open to new materials such as bamboo, they might sit better to your head shape.
  • Don't just plonk the hat on your head and quickly remove it, take time to shape the hat to your head and face shape.
  • Ask others, it might take time to find a hat style that suits you, ask a trusted friend what they think, when you try an accessory on its natural you will focus on that alone, that's why particularly with hats, you might think it's too much. 
  • You don't have to wear a hat rigidly, wearing the peak slightly off center or puffing the peak to give more balance is all about getting the look you desire. 
  • Don't over complicate things at first, remember, as all our styling tips, if the hat is your decided statement piece don't confuse it by combining lots of other vintage accessories etc. stick to one or two impact items.
  • Hats particularly work well when combined with scarves and bow ties. 
  • Comfort is everything, take some time to adjust the headband around your head, all our caps and hats have a sweat free headband and a breathable polyester lining that is free from stitching or raw edges at the contact point.
  • Dress for the season, typically heavier darker caps work better in the winter months, lighter cotton caps work better in the summer months, so once you gain a collection you will be well placed to own all seasons!
  • Try not to mix patterns too heavily, combining patterns with accessories of flat rough textures is an art, try making the hat part of the entire look not just an afterthought.
  • Think about how the cap will work with the various layers of your outfit to give maximum impact.

I've decided hats are for me!

Okay, so you've made it this far, you're still reading, so that means you have decided to give hat wearing another shot!

As I said earlier in this article here at PickaPocket we love bending the rules, that's what accessories are all about, and once you get to hat level master, why not!

Take a look at a recent customer and friend of PickaPocket, you might just recognize, absolutely rocking their purchase, and once again proving that accessories are for tearing up the rule book, once you know how!

PickaPocket Men's accessories lady in a hat

Our summary!

In brief the rules for hats are the same as any other accessory in your wardrobe. If you're trying to make a statement don't confuse it by making several other equally bold statements. Mix patterns and fabrics wisely, using colour and texture to your advantage.

Wear them boldly and confidently and you will not be disappointed by the reactions you get!

And most importantly wear you! If you decide that hats just aren't for you, don't worry we have plenty more accessories for you to find your look!

Coming soon to store!

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Hat

Enjoy shopping online from the comfort of your own home with PickaPocket!

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