Our Top Five Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Men!

What do you buy for the special men in your life at Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner, and a limited time to spend browsing the shops this year, we thought we would help you out by compiling a list of our "Top 5 gift ideas you might not have though of" just for you!

We have assembled a list of great gift ideas to try to take away some of the stress of the mad rush! So sit back, relax and browse this article in the comfort of your own home!

Let's get a mulled wine, put a Christmas CD on and yell "it's Christmas" from the bottom of our lungs, and let's begin.

Number 1 - Sunglasses

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Yellow Tinted Sunglasses

Our Yellow Tinted Aviator Sunglasses (click to see more)

It might seem like an odd choice in the middle of winter, but the low sun means visibility can be seriously effected.

Wearing these yellow tinted lenses gives you clarity in low light, due to the polarized lenses, and makes the distinction of objects much clearer meaning they are ideal for winter!

Why choose your sunglasses as a gift?

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Glasses Case and Accessories

Barcur Sunglasses Accessories Pack As Standard (click to see more)

Our sunglasses offer a premium gifting experience, as standard all of our sunglasses (except those advertised with alternative wooden packaging) come with a whole host of additional accessories, including a cool soft shell carry case, a glasses lens cleaning cloth and an additional fabric case.

We all know teenagers are particularly difficult to buy for, but these aviators are perfect for them too, as well as the great designer packaging you also get a cool card to check the authenticity of the Polarization, that's got to give you some kudos right!

In short you really are getting a premium gift experience that you know he will love for well below the designer price tag you would expect!

Not sure which sunglasses will suit them? Then check out our blog all about the different types of sunglasses here.

Number 2 - Trouser Suspenders Or Braces

PickaPocket Men's accessories blue and white suspender braces

PickaPockets Blue and White Polka Dot Adjustable Braces (click to see more)

Our braces are renowned for their quality, they are wide, stylish and the clips are truly amazing quality.

Why am I telling you this? Because you want to make sure when he opens them you don't get that, "ermmm thanks...." smile, and you get the "WOW THANKS!!!!" one!

Braces are super stylish, and for those thinking how they can maintain a smart casual look over lockdown for those Zoom meetings, or even interviews these make a great conversation starting piece!

It's not everyday you find a new way to add a new level of personality to an outfit as a man, but braces absolutely represent this.

In fact braces are a style piece that has been hiding in plain sight in recent years, think Matt Damon and Benedict Cumberbatch, celebrities love them, but they are never at the forefront of the style revolution, instead they sit quietly backstage subtly there in your subconscious and we think they are stunning!

Number 3 - A Plain Red Scarf

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Red Scarf

PickaPockets Plain Red Bamboo Scarf (click to see more)

Ok so you want your man to get a bit more "Christmassy" but you don't want him to know it? Here's the perfect idea!

In fact a red scarf isn't just for Christmas, they look stunning when combined with a long trench coat or an overcoat. The punchy red definitely drives away those winter blues, and will look perfect for both smart and casual occasions.

Think long winter walks and crisp frosty mornings for this one, our bamboo plant viscose scarves are warm and soft just like cashmere alternatives, but at a snip of the price tag!

Our scarves come pre folded in a flat package ideal to be wrapped up and gifted on the big day!

Number 4 - A Pocket Square

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Blue and White Polka Dot Pocket Square

PickaPockets Own Large 33cm Pocket Square (click to see more)

Ok so here's our wildcard entry for this year! Pocket squares really brighten up an outfit adding a splash of colour to a sports jacket.

So if you're working to a budget, after a stocking filler, or a gift for dad then this is the one for you!

Why a pocket square?

In these times we all need a reason to smile, and any above waist fashion is right on point at the moment! With a pocket square you can learn how to fold them to give different looks, in fact it's an art form, so this time next year when we are all out in the pubs again this is dads victory piece, that he has learnt to fold to a professional standard!

Our large pocket squares give versatility, and if you want to go that extra mile have a look around our tie store to make up some epic combinations, in fact the opportunities are endless, when he starts wearing pocket squares you won't stop him!

Number 5 - PU Leather Organisers

PickaPocket Men's Accessories PU Leather Organiser


PU Leather Organisers (click to see more)

What's better than looking organised?

Actually being organised! 

It's a sad truth that there will be a lot of people looking to get into work next year and it will be a competitive market that's for sure.

So what better way to help your loved one than to give them a gift that helps them get organised and stand out in an interview?

Our PU leather organisers are great because they have the space for all the vital interview equipment, a notepad, a pen, and even your phone, though don't forget to put it on silent.

But there's no better way to start 2021 than feeling organised and positive that you are ready to go!

Have we left anyone out?

Gift Cards

PickaPocket Men's accessories Gift Cards Various Nomination Amounts

PickaPocket Men's Accessories Digital Gift Cards (click to see more)

We know it's going to be a strange Christmas this year, so if there's anyone you're struggling to meet up with because they are isolating or you're unable to visit, then you can always send them one of our digital Gift Cards!

We have a gift card to suit every budget ranging from £15 to £50, so why not treat someone special this season and let them know you are thinking of them.

The beauty with our digital delivery gift cards is they are instant, so if in the mad rush of it you do forget someone (and it does happen, we've all seen Home Alone right) if you do have a KEVIN!!!! Moment, then don't fret, just sneak onto your phone and order one of our digital gift cards for use on our site here!


Rest assured we will look after them for you when they come to purchase!

Men's Top 5 Gift Ideas Summary

PickaPocket Men's accessories yellow lens aviator sunglasses

A Little Reminder Of Our Number One Choice (click to see more)

I hope we have inspired you with some ideas you might not have previously thought of, and hopefully we have taken some of the stress out of coming up with unique ideas for you!

But if there is anything you're really struggling with please do get in touch with our team, we have stylists and product sources on hand to seek out anything you need.

Enjoy shopping online from the comfort of your own home with PickaPocket!

If you would like any help from our stylists get in touch with us on email sales@pickapocket.co.uk

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