Single Colour & Block Style Designer Necktie Sets For Men!

Our Collection Of Solid Necktie Sets To Add A Splash Of Colour To A Man's Suit!

Plain neckties can be just as versatile as patterned ties, if you combine a block colour tie with the right accessories they can stand out creating a background to your suit, almost like a canvas!

We have a plethora of colours to match the most popular suits and event themes out there today!

If you're looking to add colour to an outfit, or subtly match the suit then this collection is perfect for you, all you need to decide is which colour to go for!

If you're interested in finding out more about matching your accessories and the use of colour then check out our article here to learn more!

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Rough Solid Blue Tweed Look Tie & Pocket Square
Sold Out

SKU: T-070

AVAILABILITY: In stock (24 items)


VENDOR: PickaPocket

A Solid Blue Tweed Rough Textured Finish Wool Necktie Set!  This is truly a five-star tie set! Modern, stylish and just oozes quality from the moment you cast eyes on it! We love this tie set, can you tell? The...


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