Square Frame Designer UV400 Polarised Sunglasses!

Square frame sunglasses are proving a popular choice this season!

If you're used to wearing conventional glasses then square frame designer sunglasses might be the perfect choice for you! A lot of people want to experience the same style and fit as their reading or driving glasses, so opt for the more traditional style sunnies available in this collection.

Just look at the materials, from carbon inlays to superior sprung hinges, we want you to be surprised when you put on your glasses at the quality and luxury of the frames.

But it goes further than that, what you will notice over time wearing our sunglasses is that the polarised lenses give you the ultimate clarity of vision, and you can relax knowing that your eyes are protected with our UV400 protective layer.

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Copper Square Aluminium & Carbon Fiber Sunglasses
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PRODUCT TYPE: Sunglasses

VENDOR: PickaPocket

Classic Square Frame Designer Sunglasses With Serious Style - Barcur By Barcur UK! These copper / bronze metal square frame sunglasses just ooze sophistication and style! If you're looking for a classic frame then these might just be for you. What's...


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