Striped Ties Are Perfect For More Formal Environments!

Stripey Ties Are Perfect For When You Are Trying To Create A More Formal Look!

Striped or Stripey ties are perfect for more formal occasions, think presidential ties for meetings and formal speeches etc, but that doesn't mean that stripe ties aren't ties with character! They still ooze fun and personality!

So if you're emerging back into the office or simply wanting to up your zoom game, we truly recommend our collection of striped ties for professionals looking to make that impact or close that sales deal!

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Purple Pink & Oat Dog Tooth Pattern Tie & Pocket Square
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SKU: T-051

AVAILABILITY: In stock (22 items)


VENDOR: PickaPocket

A Stunning Pink & Purple Striped Tie With A Dog Tooth Pattern! If you're venturing back into the office and wondering what tie to dust off from the wardrobe, this might be the perfect time to up your tie game with...


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