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A Series Of White Cotton Pocket Squares With Colour Trim

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Colour Trim
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White Cotton Pocket Squares With Colour Trim To Add A Splash Of Colour To A Suit!

White cotton pocket squares are perfect for every occasion, there's no better men's accessory than a neatly folded crisp white handkerchief with the perfect suit jacket or sports jacket!

It's time to pick up some accessories for your wedding. Every wedding guest needs something decorative in their pocket, and what better way to honor the union of two people than with a PickaPocket crisp white pocket square, with a colour-coded trim?

Made by hand with white cotton pocket squares in cotton with coloured trim (we call them "Pickties"), this unique product will come in handy at weddings or any other formal event that requires a little something more extra.


  • Material: White Cotton With Colour Trim
  • Size: 22cm Square
  • Gender: Men's
  • Occasion: Formal Suiting