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Black Paisley Pocket Square

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Balck Pocket Squares Perfect For An Event Or A Funeral?

This black paisley pattern pocket square is understated and dapper perfect for more formal events where the tone is key! Perfect for folding into the pocket without creating an unsightly bulk, this is the perfect rolled edge pocket square for your needs!

Did you know that black is also one of the most popular wedding colours? It's true, black is timeless and opulent, often paired with gold too for a premium classy feel. 

From our essentials range, everybody needs to have a black suit square in their collection, you never know when a situation may arise where it is needed!

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  • Colour - Black
  • Pattern - Paisley Pattern
  • Manufacturing - Handmade with Overlock Stitching
  • Edging - Rolled Edges
  • Material - Silk and Polyester Blend for quality at a price you will love
  • Pocket square size 25cm x 25cm
  • 100% Colour Matching pocket square
  • Overlock stitching for true quality