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A Series Of Country & Tweed Wool Pocket Squares

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A Series Of Tweed Country Classic Pocket Squares In Thick Wool!

A dapper countryman. Woollen tweed lined with shaggy wool to give off that bad boy from the city look, but with an air of sophistication as soon as you realize how gentle his touch feels on your face after he takes your scarf off, and hold a door open for you. You know this guy is going to make sure your load up on cheese fries before going home too.

Add a dash of cool to any ensemble with our textured pocket squares. Pair these rich, woollen accents with your finest flannel or button-down for that English gentleman look; or use them as the finishing touch on a sport coat and reap the benefits of an effortlessly sophisticated indoors man.


  • Material: Thick Tweed Wool 
  • Size: 25cm Square
  • Gender: Men's
  • Occasion: Country Classic Look