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Purple Blue & Silver Floral Bow Tie & Pocket Square Set

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A Collection Of Floral Bow Ties For Men with Matching Pocket Squares!

Floral bow ties for men are increasingly popular due to the Dr in Dr Who, our authentic bows will leave you looking flawless, once you learn how to tie them of course! But don't worry our handy guides are here to help you there! Ours come in a range of colours from blue to orange!

Your favorite flowers from your bouquet have been recreated in colour and pattern to fit onto a necktie for any formal occasion. Pick up your floral bow tie now!

With the intricately made pattern of flowers on them, these bow ties are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're dressing up your tuxedo or just want to stand out in a crowd at that formal presentation with that white button-down shirt and black slacks, these floral bow ties will have everyone turning their heads.


  • Colour: Blue, Black, Orange
  • Pattern Type: Floral Pattern
  • Neck Size: 13 3/4" to 18"
  • Pocket Square: 22cm x 22cm Included